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Restaurance & Art Nouveau villa. A top-class restaurant and stylish rooms, located in a newly opened tenement house at 4/6 Wigury Street in Łódź. You visit different parts of the world to admire beautiful places, you travel to taste the cuisines of the world. On your journey you discover music of different cultures and you meet extraordinary people. Also in Łódź there is such a magnificent and breathtaking  land, where the magic from all around the world has been gathered in one place. It is called Revelo!

The Room List

    Surrounded with luxury and splendor feed your senses, let yourself feel real pleasure of body and soul. With our discrete care, feel that you really are someone special.

    Park your bicycle for a little while, make a short break in your journey get refreshed in a 1920’s bicycle scenery, to continue your travel full of strength and vigor.

    You seek for a place where history meets the present, where unforgettable moments spent in the stylish surroundings will allow you to feel extraordinary aromatic atmosphere of the interwar chocolate drinking lounge. Come in and feel the climate.

    Romantic dinner, excellent food, gentle, dim music, just the two of you wrapped in the olive aura of calmness…

    The first cinema in Poland (then occupied by the Russian Empire) was founded in Łódź in 1899, several years after the invention of the Cinematograph. Initially dubbed Living Pictures Theatre, it gained much popularity and by the end of the next decade there were cinemas in almost every major town of Poland.

    In 1457, James II prohibited the game of golf. During the 18th century real structures appear : the first rules were written in Saint-Andrews on the 14th of May, 1754 (and were a replication of those written 10 years before in Leith). The first club is created in 1764 : the 'Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers'.

    A fairytale garden, where time slowly passes by, here your own midsummer night’s dream will come true.

Do you wish to make a reservation?

+48 42 636 86 86


Business lunch, meeting, ball, Revelo can do it all. And after that you can rest right upstairs.

    Long, exhausting day, rush, chaos. Leave all that behind. We have prepared for you a special, extraordinary place, where fresh energy of Spring will bring your vitality back.

    Room Price: 249 zł
    Reservations: +48 42 636 86 86 or

    You dream about romantic moments just the two of you can share, about a place, where wrapped in soothing aura of magic, under the canopy of heath you will discover your deepest secrets? We can make your dreams come true. You can call this paradise.

    Room Price: 249 zł
    Reservations: +48 42 636 86 86 or

    Travel in time to a place, where you will bathe in luxury, where you will feel the unique inspiration, where you will satiate your senses with the atmosphere of elegance.

    Room Price: 249 zł
    Reservations: +48 42 636 86 86 or

Live cooking

Live cooking is a unique offer of our famous restaurant. A small group of enthusiasts can enjoy a live food preparation experience with a classic chef. Among the event you will be able to lern some more about the cooking and gain a unique knowlage.

About us

This historic villa was built in 1925 by an industrialist, Ignacy Rassalski. This unique place, with interiors stylized for 1920's and 30's, will give you the possibility to organize all kinds of celebrations or business meetings. We also organize thematic events on the subject of the history of the clothing style of the interwar period. We can guarantee that the time spent at our Residence & Restaurant and the fairy tail garden surrounding it will be amazing and unforgettable .

Our restaurants

Our restaurant is a part of a Revelo Group.